VP of Sales (2165) California Bay Area

Position Summary

The company is looking for a new VP of Sales to expand its sale and marketing organization to support the growth. The initial focus of the position is to build and grow the sales organization to meet the current sales plan. The overall goal is to strengthen company’s position as the “go to” custom equipment development leader, achieving significant annual sales and operating profit increases.

Success Factors

  1. Assess the sales organization and set up a short and long term development program. Build and develop sales team to meet FY’2017 qualified project and prototype booking targets.
  • Quickly gain understanding of company sales challenges and assess needs of the sales Oragnization
  • Fill all open positions with top notch sales people (90 days)
  • Develop and implement sales training process
  • Train new hires to achieve fully productivity (9 months from start date)
  • Increase Qualified Projects to 60/year (rate of 1/week) in CY’2018
  • Grow Qualified Projects 20% year over year.
  1. Increase and maintain qualified project to prototype conversion to greater than YY%.
  • Develop clear understanding and ability to identify projects that meet company criteria (60 days)
  • Train and guide sales team in early project selection (90 days)
  • Lead team based strategic selling process (Miller‐Heiman)
    • Lead blue sheet meetings to guide sales strategy
    • Develop and provide training as needed
    • Implement consistent process
    • Modify process/roles for increase cross functional collaboration
  1. Increase lead generation to meet sales plan (Network Based Marketing).
  • Develop and implement activities to generate new contacts at existing and new
  • customers
  • Increases stay in touch with existing customers, contacts and referral sources through
  • value added activities
  • Manage event marketing (seminars, events, tradeshows)
  • Manage supplier referral network (supplier leads)
  • Drive introductory meetings to identify problems we can solve for the customer
  1. Large account development and management.
  • Develop and maintain 2‐4 key accounts that each provide
    • Multi‐year revenue streams >10% of target annual revenue
    • Overall account GM >30%
  • Implement large account management process for 2‐4 key accounts
  • Co‐Lead (with PM) planning and implementation
    • Identification of potential key accounts
    • Develop strategic business alignment
    • Guide relationship development and mapping.
  • Personally manage 1 or 2 key accounts
  • Coach / Lead sales to qualify and develop key accounts