VP of Construction (2622) North Carolina

1. Planning Phase

a. As part of the VP CX strategic resource management responsibility, he/she will be involved at all sessions relating to Engineering, design and permit. Responsible for ensuring there is adequate permits available for the construction crews to execute and achieve the companies targets monthly, quarterly and annually.

b. The VP CX will be responsible to give direction to the ENG-P (Engineering Partner) on HLD, LLD, Permits and approvals.

c. The VP CX will be responsible to vet and verify all information provided from the ENG-P and to ensure that all targeted markets and areas are within the companymodel and budget. This will include multiple strategic and review sessions with the ENG-P and other stakeholders of the business.

d. Once a concept area has been vetted, the VP CX will provide the feasibility information to the CCO (Chief Construction Officer) in order to present to the Area Selection Committee for approval and the release of funding to build out that said specific area.

e. Various approval steps have been put in place within theprocess specification

f. The VP CX will be responsible for all PMO related functions and deliverables within the specification. Reporting to the National Project Management Office.

g. This includes but is not limited to; Ride Outs verifications, HLD, Permits, LLD.

h. The VP OF CX is responsible to produce the following based on engagement of his team and available resources and build partners or CX-P (Construction Partners): i. – Project Plan

  • ii. – Resource Plan
    • iii. – Materials Availability and Confirmation
    • iv. – Identify Scope and Deliverables
    • v. – Identify risks and mitigation strategies
    • vi. – Roles and Responsibilities
    • vii. – Commitment
    • viii. – Project Budget (based on a per home passed rate)

i. The VP CX will be responsible to verify and approve claims and invoices per delivery milestones

j. Permit liaison and permitting authority relationship management is required as part of the VP CX

   responsibility to ensure tracking, feedback, compliance, and communication.

c. Project allocations to CX-P’s will be strategically managed in order to allocate fairly, efficiently and to each CX-P’s best abilities, so that effective production is achieved.

d.  The  VP CX will ensure that the execution process is followed as per the company process specification

e.  Kick off Meetings facilitated by the VP CX will be held with all stakeholders prior to construction.

f.  The VP CX will be responsible for daily project tracking and will record all production, delays, opportunities and other factors.

g. The VP CX will be responsible to plan and implement mitigation strategies and acceleration plans during the project lifecycle.

k. The VP CX will be responsible to produce and present an executive production report monthly to the CCO of the business. This will include but is not limited to:

 i. Engineering Status

  • ii. Production Status
    • iii. Close Out Status
    • iv. Work in Progress
    • v. Resources
    • vi. Budget
    • vii. All of the above will include detailed reporting on the following: 1. Planned vs Actuals
    • 2. Completed, Current, Forecasted
    • 3. Risks
    • 4. Opportunities
    • 5. Contingencies, Acceleration plans and Mitigation Strategies
    • 6. Major Change control
    • 7. Future and Strategy