Sr VP of Construction (2652) North Carolina

The VP of Construction at plays a critical role in the successful implementation of fiber networks, ensuring that the construction process is built to specifications, completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. 

Key responsibilities include:  


  • As part of the Construction strategic resource management responsibility, you will be involved in all sessions relating to engineering, design and permitting.  
  • Giving direction to the Engineering Partner (ENG-P) on HLD, LLD, permits and approvals. 
  • Vetting and verifying all information provided from the ENG-P and ensuring that all targeted markets and areas are within the Ripple Fiber model and budget 
  • Ensuring that various approval steps have been put in place within the Ripple Fiber process specification 
  • All PMO related functions and deliverables within the specification this includes but is not limited to: 
  • Ride Outs verifications 
  • HLD 
  • Permits 
  • LLD 
  • Producing the following based on engagement of your team and available resources:  
  • Project Plan 
  • Resource Plan 
  • Materials Availability and Confirmation 
  • Identify Scope and Deliverables 
  • Identify risks and mitigation strategies 
  • Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Commitment 
  • Project Budget 
  • Verifying and approving claims and invoices per delivery milestones 
  • Permitting liaison and authority relationship management to ensure tracking, feedback, compliance and communication. 


  • Overseeing and directing all Project Management Office (PMO) related employees and objectives 
  • Procuring and managing Construction Partners
  • Strategically managing project allocations to allocate fairly and efficiently so that effective production is achieved. 
  • Ensuring that the execution process is followed as per the Ripple Fiber process specification.
  • Holding kick off meetings with all stakeholders prior to construction. 
  • Daily project tracking and recording of all production, delays, opportunities and other factors. 
  • Planning and implementing mitigation strategies and acceleration plans during the project lifecycle. 
  • Facilitating weekly production meetings with all parties involved. 
  • Designing change requests and change control. 
  • Making strategic decisions and project scope, budget, quality and timelines need to be taken into consideration. 
  • The VP of Construction and the PMO office will liaise with the Engineering during the construction phase to ensure all engineering aspects are communicated, recorded and tracked. 
  • Producing and presenting an executive production report monthly
    • This will include but is not limited to: 
  • Engineering Status 
  • Production Status 
  • Close Out Status 
  • Work in Progress 
  • Resources 
  • Budget 
  • All of the above will include detailed reporting on the following: 
  • Planned vs Actuals  
  • Completed, Current, Forecasted 
  • Risks 
  • Opportunities  
  • Contingencies, Acceleration plans and Mitigation Strategies 
  • Major Change control 
  • Future and Strategy 

Project Close out 

  • Directing and managing resources including the PMO Office, ENG-P and the CX-P’s to ensure a quality network infrastructure is built within time, budget and quality. 
  • Ensuring that all processes including record keeping, reporting, quality control, network commissioning and testing and built procedures are implemented and handed over. 
  • Vetting any claims, billing and invoicing as part of the Ripple Fiber process specification.  

Other / General 

  • Participating and assisting in supply chain management processes 
  • Creating and Managing the training, development and incubation models.  
  • Monitoring process and specification changes, recommendations, observations, opportunities and issues.  
  • Monitoring and assisting in compliance processes and OSHA implementation and management. 
  • Management of bid and company process as well as product warranty.