Principle Application Scientist-Optical Spectrometry (2249) California Bay Area

The Principal Applications Scientist reports to the Director of Applications and works closely with other functions of the company including marketing, sales, and engineering. The Principal Applications Scientist is responsible for technical engagements with leading customers in the areas of optical spectrometry, contributing to product refinement, and leading research efforts utilizing the company’s proprietary diagnostic tools.


  • Develop intricate operational knowledge of systems under development
  • Develop plans to diagnose and debug issues found by customers
  • Strengthen key customer relations through technical competence and relationship management skills
  • Design experiments, write grant proposals, and manage funded research efforts.
  • Contribute to product refinement and improvement through use in end application studies


  • MS degree with 10+ years’ experience (PhD preferred) in Electrical Engineering or related degree from a top tier university and superior academic credentials
  • 5+years working on the development of leading edge optical spectrometers
  • Solid technical understanding of Optical Spectrometry methods
  • Solid understanding of the engineering process, including error budgeting, hardware and software skills, ability to diagnose and debug systems issues.
  • Good customer presentation and relationship management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Strong team building and collaborative mindset