Customer Support Engineer III (2172) California Bay Area

Specific experience, skills and accomplishments candidates should have in their background that will maximize the potential for success in achieving the Performance Expectations during their first year of employment.

  1. At least 5 years of related field service experience on comparable vacuum deposition and etch tools.
  1. Familiarity with RF power a plus.
  1. Knowledge of thin film sputtering tools used in Hard Disk Drive or Semiconductor applications also a plus.
  1. Proficiency at using vacuum leak detectors is important.
  1. Proficiency at using basic hand tools, including soldering tools and electronic measurement equipment is critical.
  1. Ability to multi-task, handling multiple projects simultaneously.
  1. Ability work autonomously with limited direction.
  1. Minimum military electronic training, BSEET or equivalent education/experience. A BS Engineering degree is a plus
  1. Comprehensive knowledge associated with diagnosis, repair, modification, relocation, etc. of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) systems and related peripheral equipment.
  1. Knowledge of high power (kW) RF generators (13.56MHz) and matchbox control in RF sputtering, including experience in safety protocols in and around high voltage RF and high vacuum process equipment.
  1. Knowledge, experience, and skills in Windows based system control methods and software and PLC control logic and hardware.
  1. Familiarity with tool control software, including the ability to load it onto the system and perform basic diagnostic troubleshooting.
  1. Conduct hardware/software diagnostic procedures and troubleshooting skills to isolate and resolve equipment malfunctions.
  1. Experience, skills, and understanding troubleshooting digital and analog circuits
  1. Proficiency with a variety of hand tools and measurement equipment.
  1. Solid knowledge and skills in high vacuum application including familiarity with vacuum leak check systems, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  1. Knowledge and experience troubleshooting vacuum, analog, digital, RF hardware high vacuum wafer processing systems and modern control systems.